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On behalf of SERI Sylvia Lorek was invited to co-chair a project on Consumption-Production Systems. The Production-Consumption Partnership Team’s” task is to articulate key science needed to facilitate solutions to sustainability problems in the area of integrated management of production/consumption systems. The P/C Team is located at Chiang Mai University and part of a larger project coordinated by Harvard University. The results will feed into a science-practitioner dialogue organised by Jill Jaeger (SERI) in January 2007.

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German Dialogue Process on Sustainable Consumption

In the follow-up of Johannesbourg`s "Plan of Implementaiton" the German Ministry of Environment (re)initiated the "German Dialogue Process on Sustainable Consumption". One of the objectives is to build a common platform for inner German activities towards sustainable consumption. Another goal is to link the German development to the European and global initiatives. For the next two years SERI Consumption Office, Overath, Germany, is part of the scientific consortium.

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