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Table of contents



1. SERI-News General news from SERI and SERI members


o        New Managing Director at SERI’s Vienna office

o        Volunteers at SERI


2. Project-Overview: News from our projects, our other work and new research fields


o        eCommunity Newsletter

o        Meeting of the Thematic Network “Sustainability Strategies” in Berlin

o        First CAT&E conference in Berlin


3. Friends: Seri and (News about co-operation and partnerships)


o        Conference “Quo vadis, MFA?” at the Wuppertal Institute


4. Selected publications: Book reviews and announcements from SERI members and related writers and publishers


o        Books from SERI members


5. Links + Other: News about other activities, hints and advice on dates, workshops, etc


o        SERI @ WSIS 2003

o        Seminar on Sustainability and Intergenerational Justice

o        Eco-efficiency conference in Leiden , April 2004


6. Going on in Vienna


o        SERI Brownbag Seminars





1. SERI-News: General news from SERI and SERI members


New Managing Director


Gabriela Christler startet her work as managing director at SERI’s Vienna office October 2003. You can contact her at




Volunteers at SERI

Two volunteers are currently joining the SERI office in Vienna for internships:


Jocelyn McCall ( studied International Relations at Keele University , UK , and was an Erasmus student for 5 months in Amsterdam at the Vreije Universiteit (VU). At SERI she works on the preparation of the proposal “GoSD (Governance for Sustainable Development)”.





Stanislav Shmelev ( studied at  Saint Petersburg State University , Russia and University of Gloucestershire , UK . He holds an MSc in Mathematical Methods and Operations Research in Economics and received a PhD in Environmental Economics with Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in 2003. At SERI he is mainly working on ecological-economic modelling within the MOSUS project, as well as providing support in other activities run by SERI. His general research interests include theoretical aspects of ecological economics, ecological-economic modeling and environmental management of protected areas. He is currently the Secretary of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics. At the moment he is looking for a (teaching) position in ecological economics (modelling), environmental protection or related disciplines.


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2. Project-Overview: News from our projects, our other work and new research fields


eCommunity Newsletter

The eCommunity project team of which SERI is part of has published the first newsletter with general information about the project and its aims. The newsletter includes statements of the main project partners, describing the status of their work and the benefits of the developed eCommunity system. You can download the newsletter as well as further information on the website


Meeting of the Thematic Network “Sustainability Strategies” in Berlin

The 2nd official meeting of the Thematic Network “Sustainability Strategies” will take place in Berlin , at the Freie Universität Berlin . The invited experts will work on the topics “sustainability science” and “sustainability governance”. You will find more information at


First conference of the “Concerted Action on Trade and Environment (CAT&E)” in Berlin

Under the heading “Moving forward from Cancún”, the first CAT&E conference took place in Berlin on 30-31 October in Berlin . The conference was attended by over 100 representatives from civil society, industry, academia and government from Europe , the United States , Canada , Asia and Africa . You can find all presented papers, a list of participants and a conference summary at the conference website at


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3. Friends: Seri and (News about co-operation and partnerships)


Quo vadis MFA?

SERI members gave several presentations at the conference „Material Flow Analysis – Where do we go? Issues, Trends and Perspectives of Research for Sustainable Resource Use", at the Wuppertal Institute, 9.–10. October 2003.

The workshop was organized by ConAccount and the Wuppertal Institute in association with the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE), the Scientific Committee of Problems for the Environment (SCOPE), and the initiative for a European Research Network for Sustainable Resource Management (ENSURE).  

For more information and download of all papers and presentations visit


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4. Selected publications: Book reviews and announcements from SERI members and related writers and publishers


Books from SERI members


Information about books written or edited by members of SERI is now online on our homepage. See


For other interesting publications click



5. Links + Other: News about other activities, hints and advice on dates, workshops, etc.


The image ? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. SERI @ WSIS 2003

SERI will be present at the World Summit on the Information Society 2003 and its side events. The summit will take place in Geneva , Switzerland from 10th to 12th of September 2003. Roman Mesicek will be presenting the paper "Prerequisites for a Sustainable and Democratic Application of ICT" by Ursula Hester , Doris Schnepf and Roman Mesicek. (The paper is available for download at the website given below).

Find out more about our activities at: If you want to meet SERI in Geneva please contact


Seminar on Sustainability and Intergenerational Justice

Europe grows together - but is it a sustainable growth? How does it look in practice? How much intergenerational justice is implemented in the EU? Has the idea of sustainable growth entered the European constitution?

AEGEE Bayreuth as part of the Global Action Phase of AEGEE Europe, in cooperation with YOIS - Youth for Intergenerational Justice and Sustainbility is organizing a seminar on sustainability and intergenerational justice for European students.

Dates: 5th to 7th of December (more…)


Eco-efficiency conference in Leiden , April 2004

The deadline for abstract submission for the conference “Eco-efficiency for sustainability: quantified methods for decision making”, which will take place in Leiden, the Netherlands, 1-3 April 2004, has been extended to the end of November. For more information see


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6. Going on in Vienna


The image ? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. SERI Brownbag Seminars

The series of SERI Brownbag Seminars continues! In a loose series of lectures, we want to present and discuss results from our own work and that of our colleagues. Please bring your own (brown) lunch bag! Drinks are provided by SERI.


Next Events:


Tue. 02.12.2003 12.30-14.30 Roman Mesicek on "eGovernment - Possibilities and risks of online participation". Three major themes recur as prerequisites for success of eGovernment solutions: access, trust and institutional change. Based on the ongoing work in the eCommunity project we want to talk about how it is possible to achieve these three conditions and what forms of online participation are supportive of community building and which are counter-productive. Furthermore, how does e-government and e-participation fit into the context of sustainability?


Tue. 27.01.2004 12.30-14.30 Mark Hammer on "Sustainable development between Throughput and Symbolism" (NEDS): The project analyses the development of three European regions ( Hamburg , Leipzig , Vienna ) during the past ten years. Different scientific approaches like material flow analysis (MFA), discourse analysis or structural analysis will be combined. In the brownbag seminar, results for the MFA of Hamburg will be presented. We want to discuss the following questions: What can we learn from regional MFA? How can we link such different approaches like discourse analysis and material flow analysis? What will we gain from this combination for sustainability-oriented research?



For more information on SERI related events in Vienna please surf to 




These were our messages and news for this month. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information on our projects and for possibilities in co-operation and partnership. It’s a challenge to start an interactive dialogue of exchanging experiences. You are all invited to participate in this process.


SERI is the first "virtual" research institute on sustainable development with associated researchers all over Europe . If you want to get more detailed information on the Institute and its members please visit our website:

The Sustainable Europe Research Institute, together with a supporting legal association, exists since September 1999 according to Austrian Law. The headquarters have been established in Vienna . We would like to invite you to participate in this undertaking.


The Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) is a Pan-European think tank aiming to explore sustainable development options for European societies. SERI's research agenda and methodology is based on previous work carried out by Friends of the Earth and the Wuppertal Institute. The Institute aims to develop the concept of environmental space and shows ways to substantially reduce the resource throughput of modern industrial societies. The research carried out by members of SERI supports the dialogue within European civil society. It specifically aims to further develop the exchange of ideas between environmental citizen’s organisations, governments, trade unions and industry. The scientific dialogue SERI aims to engender is supported by its web page and this newsletter, conferences, meetings as well as publications.


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Have a nice day – your SERI-Team.




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