13.12.2005, Brussels
MOSUS: Presentation of final results

On December 13th, 2005, final results of the MOSUS project will be presented to policy makers, academics and NGO representatives in a one-day workshop held at the European Association of Research and Technology Organisation (EARTO).
The workshop will present the simulation model, the different scenario packages and underlying assumptions, the economic, social and environmental evaluation of the scenarios by means of headline indicators as well as derived policy recommendations how to implement a Sustainable Development Strategy in Europe. Registrations for the workshop should be sent to Mr. Rui Frazao (INETI Portugal) no later than December 6th. A detailed programme can be downloaded here. For more information on the MOSUS project see

29.11.2005, von 8:30 bis 11:30 Uhr
Sustainability-Cafe zum Thema "Zukunft, neue Arbeit und frische Semmeln"
Kaffee Griensteidl, Karl-Kraus-Saal, Michaelerplatz 2, 1010 Wien

Für Menschen mit Interesse an Zukunft und Nachhaltigkeit. Zum Sustainability-Café kommen Menschen aus Unternehmen, Organisationen, Politik und Verwaltung, NGOs, Interessens-vertretungen, Forschung, Bildung und Wissenschaft.
Veranstaltet von Wallner&Schauer. nachhatig beraten, in Kooperation unter anderem mit SERI - Sustainable Europe Research Institut.
Anmeldung erforderlich.
Download der Einladung

10.11.2005, Wien
Praxis lokalen Wirtschaftens. Zwischen Anspruch und Realität
Donnerstag, 10.11.2005, Kommunalkredit, Türkenstr. 9, 1090 Wien

Welche Wirtschaftsformen brauchen wir im Stadtteil? Wir diskutieren anhand von Erfahrungsberichten der AGENDA 21 am Alsergrund und von Best Practices aus Wien über Möglichkeiten und Grenzen lokalen Wirtschaftens. Welchen Ansprüchen muss sie gerecht werden, um einerseits Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, andererseits Lebensqualität sicher zu stellen.
Download der Einladung
Bei dieser Veranstaltung referiert Friedrich Hinterberger zum Thema "Neue regionale Wirtschaft" [more]

05.10.-08.10.2005, Antwerp
Session on policy design for sustainable consumption during the European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Since two years the former European Roundtable on Cleaner Production also deals with the aspects of sustainable consumption.
During the 2005 conference 05.-08.10. in Antwerp SERI members Adriaan Perrels and Sylvia Lorek chaired an information exchange session and following workshop on “Policy Design for Sustainable Consumption”. For the summary of the findings please click here.

26.9.-27.9.2005, Prague, Czech Republic
Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Development Indicators
Arno Behrens and Stefan Giljum will speak at the conference..

19.9.2005, Finland
Finnish future research for sustainable consumption

On 19.09.2005 the Finish environmental ministry invited to a workshop to discuss recent research and practical approaches towards sustainable consumption.
Beside a presentation of the “National Sustainable Consumption and Production Framework” the meeting intended to identify adequate questions for further research. The successful meeting indicated the good and close links SERI has to Finland. As one of the two international guests Sylvia Lorek gave a key note presentation on “Consumption and the Environment in Europe: Trends and Futures”. The Finish based SERI member Adriaan Perrels presented findings from his recent work “Exploring Sustainable Consumption Scenarios for Finland”.

05.9.-08.9.2005, San José, Costa Rica.
Sustainable Consumption Governance: Still looking for the guiding light

From September 5th to 8th 2005 the "Second International Expert meeting on a 10-Year Framework of Programmes for Sustainable Consumption and Production" took place in San Jose, Costa Rica.
In four quite intensive days about 150 participants (~ 100 from national governments) participants discussed about
- Production Processes and Industrial Development
- Urban Planning and Waste Management
- Sustainable Consumption and Product Development
- Regional and National Strategies for SCP
- Energy, Climate and Air Pollution
SERI Vice President and Sustainable Consumption Officer Sylvia Lorek was invited to participate in the meeting.

14.6.-17.6.2005, Lisbon, Portugal
International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics
The 6th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics took place in Lisbon, Portugal. There were three special sessions held by SERI members.

10.10.-12.10.2004, Zürich, Switzerland
ConAccount Meeting 2004
A future research agenda for MFA - Towards a new common ground for Research on Sustainable Resource use.

30.06.-01.07.2004, Vienna
Sustainable Leadership - Spirit in Business / Ethics, Spirituality and Sustainability
International Symposium under the title “Sustainable Leadership - Spirit in Business / Ethics, Spirituality and Sustainability”, (in German language). June 30 and July 1 2004, in Vienna. See for further details.

28.5.2004, Paris, France.
EU Regional Stakeholder Workshop on eco-efficient services
Interrelated problems need integrated policies.Together with the Factor 10 Institute,and the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Devlopment, SERI is preparing a paper on eco-efficient innovation
. [more]

18.04.2004, Vienna, Austria
Multi-level Governance and the Austrian Sustainability Strategy
The Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) in cooperation with CSR-Austria cordially invites you to a public discussion forum in the course of an EU-research-project to the European Sustainability Strategy.


10.-12.12.2003, Geneva, Switzerland
SERI @ WSIS 2003
World Summit on the Information Society including participation and presentation by SERI.


8.-10.10.2003, Wuppertal
SERI @ Quo vadis MFA
A workshop „Material Flow Analysis – Where do we go?
Issues, Trends and Perspectives of Research for Sustainable Resource Use"

8.10.2003 Vienna
Lecture of Jonathan Lash (President, World Resources Institute)
On Wednesday, 8th of October, Jonathan Lash, President of the World Resources Institute, Washington, will hold a lecture in Vienna, which will be jointly organised by SERI and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Austrian Universities (IFF)/Social Ecology. The lecture will take place at the main auditorium of the IFF in 1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 29, and will start at 6.15 pm.

12. - 15. 02. 2003 Hotel Maritim, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
SERI @ Frontiers 2 Conference
SERI participates in this conference - European Application in Ecological Economics

03.09.2002 Vienna
Free Trade - Sustainable Trade - A Contradiction?
An Evening on the topic Sustainable Development and World Trade including a live telefone conference with participants of the World summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. (in german)

28.09.2002 Vienna
ICT and Dematerialisation
An outlook on the positive or negative influences current dematerialisation and miniaturisation trends could have on a local, regional or global level [more]


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